Deeran Anderson-Hooper

This Is It Music Talk Radio Show!


 “This Is It” was a music/talk radio show that features funny, energetic, creative and educational pop and R&B music from mainstream and independent artist. The show includes unrivaled interviews with artists, field experts and many more. “This is It” put an emphasis on independent talent and social Media talent while also giving you the main stream music you love. "This Is It" Wrapped up its first and only season on Deeran's 25th Birthday June 30th 2017.

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Hooper Thing radio moved from Blog Talk radio to KNSJ 89.1FM. The weekly show combines entertainment elements, current events, tips, educational interviews and topics all wrapped in inspiration, family and fun. Each season the HTR team focuses on topics that are positive, funny, inspirational, education and relatable. HTR season 4 was been taken over by the infinity cast and aird on KNSJ 89.1FM 8pm pst Fridays. Season 4 wrapped its last show in November of 2017.