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Other segments of the show are Story-Time, Thoughts with Deeran and One-on-One interviews with Industry experts, celebrities and local community members sharing new and exciting events in their lives and the impact it has on them. The show will also have a cooking segment and share healthy receipts while That’s Easy is a do-it-yourself (DIY) segment with handy tips & tricks. Finally, Deeran! Is about having fun while being entertained and what’s more fun than to participate in a series of different Games weekly.

Deeran! is set to air daily on YouTube and FaceBook Watch and every Friday at 8 pm PST for broadcast radio version on KNSJ 89.1FM. A slight variation of the show is available for streaming on SoundCloud and iTunes.


Radio Deeran is an hour block on KNSJ 89.1FM from 8pm – 9pm PST on Fridays. Deeran hosts the first half hour of Radio Deeran entitled “Radio Deeran with DJ Deeran” Deeran is a new variety show hosted by millennial radio personality and professional DJ/MC Deeran Anderson -Hooper. 

Deeran! will be hosted by millennial radio personality and professional DJ/MC: Deeran Anderson-Hooper.  Deeran! is targeted to females 18 to 30 years of age. Deeran! will consist of show segments, such as, Deeran’s Movie Pick, where he comments on exciting independent feature films and short films. Try This, this segment will challenge the host to step out his comfort zone and try a new activity, food or game which he has never attempted to complete before. Deeran may even extend the challenge and be joined by one of his guests.

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